23.10.2015 Exhibition at "Kunsthalle Bern"

I'm happy to be a part of the "Contexta Collection", a group exhibition at "Kunsthalle Bern" in Switzerland starting at 20 p.m. on November 13th (with live music act "Bonaparte"). The exhibition will run until November 15th.

More than seventy nationally and internationally renowned creative minds accepted the invitation of Contexta to artistically address the "secret" theme. Ultimately they produced over one hundred unique works of art now featured in this special exhibition. More information here.

30.09.2015 New series "Above the Ruhr #3"

My new personal project "Above the Ruhr #3" shows a collection of 15 abstract aerial photographs from the Ruhr district, Germany's biggest urban and industrial area.

All photographs were taken in May 2015 on a gas-ballon flight from Gladbeck to Lippstadt, Germany.

12.08.2015 Feature in "SHARE" book

Feature with a single page displaying one of my favorite "Aerialscapes #2" photographs from Austria in "Share" book published by "The New Heroes & Pioneers".

"SHARE" is a heavy weight hardcover book (1833g/W308xH400) printed on matte paper. An inspiring collection of contemporary works from 50 carefully selected international photographers, illustrators and painters, all expressing their interpretation of life in a unique art form. All of them had complete freedom as to what they wanted to share in the book. All profits of the book are donated to a charity project.

02.07.2015 New series "Above the Ruhr #2"

In May I've spend again eight hours in a small basket of a gas-ballon, shooting aerial photographs from the Ruhr district at night, Germany's biggest urban and industrial area. We started at two o'clock in the morning from Gladbeck and flew eastbound to Lippstadt. This was my first night flight in a gas-ballon and a really impressive journey.

07.06.2015 New series "Fields"

My new series "Fields" shows a collection of 12 aerial landscape photographs taken during my last gas-ballon flight from Gladbeck to Münster, Germany in June 2014. A personal project about abstract and graphical agricultural structures in the first morning light, I hope you'll enjoy...

02.05.2015 Feature in "Béhance Book"

I'm thrilled to announce my feature in the first art & design book from Béhance & Adobe named "Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work". A heavy 288-page hardcover book curated by the Béhance team and published by the renowned "Gestalten" imprint. Behance's expert curators share an inside look at the trends driving today's most exciting art and design creations. Founded in 2006, Behance is the world's largest creative network. While it can take years for new creative trends to be identified and then showcased in museum exhibitions, Behance and its team of curators take the pulse of the creative world everyday.

06.04.2015 Feature in "The Royal Opera House" programme

I feel honored to see my photographs featured, alongside the artworks of one of my role models Andreas Gursky, in the current programme of "The Royal Opera House" in London. A well designed print publication with two double pages displaying my "Shanghai #38" and "Container #5" photographs, inside an article about the political-satirical opera "Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny".

13.03.2015 Feature in "Audi Magazine"

Double page print feature in the current issue (01/2015) of "Audi Magazine", displaying one of my "Aerialscapes #2" photographs from The Mojave Desert in southeastern California. Audi Magazine is also available as an app and online.

09.02.2015 "Europoort" update

In January I've spend again three nights at the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, shooting industrial long time exposure photographs for my personal project "Europoort". Europoort is an area of the Port of Rotterdam, Europe's biggest port and the third-largest in the world. After working more than two years on this project, I´ve collected 40 industrial photographs of container terminals, vessels, cranes, factories, refineries and power plants.

17.12.2014 Feature in "Another Escape"

Feature with a single page displaying one of my favorite "Nightscapes" photographs from Shanghai and an interesting article about 'skyglow' light pollution, in the current issue (volume three) of "Another Escape Magazine".

"Another Escape Magazine" is a biannual print publication based in the UK. It explores the lives and stories of passionate people, as well as the ideas and stimuli for their inspirational lifestyles, printed on beautiful quality 140gsm uncoated paper, with vegetable inks.

05.11.2014 Winner at "GoSee Awards"

I'm happy to announce that I was selected as one of the winners at "GoSee Awards 2014". My personal project "Container" gained gold (the first place) in the category "Transportation".
You will find more information about the "GoSee Awards 2014" here.

22.10.2014 New series "Places"

My new series "Places" shows a collection of 25 various landscape photographs from around the world.

Nothing special, just places with a unusual mood through weather and light. Wide ocean views with impressive clouds from Madeira, the last daylight on massive mountains in South Africa, rocky shore with waves in motion from Italy and many more sceneries.

13.10.2014 Finalist at "GoSee Awards"

I'm selected as one of the 20 finalists, in three categories (transportation, landscape and reportage), for "GoSee Awards 2014".

The 20 finalists of each category will be exhibited at the "UPdate Salon for Photography" on October 24th and 25th in Berlin (Kaufhaus Jandorf). The exhibition will also be shown next spring in New York and Paris. You can take part of the public voting here.

18.09.2014 Feature in "Airborne Magazine"

Feature with a double page displaying one of my nightscapes photographs from New York and an article about my work, in the current issue of Airborne Magazine.

Airborne is an inflight magazine for TAM airlines executive flight services in partnership with Cessna and Bell, based in Brazil.

25.08.2014 "Thunderstorms" update

I've just published the re-edit of my long time project "Thunderstorms", with 25 new photographs from this unusual intensive storm season. I will never forget the power of the storm front by low pressure area "Ela", as long as I live! A violent supercell thunderstorm over western Germany on June 9th evening, leading to the deaths of six people, more than 30 were seriously injured and causing significant transport disruption. This supercell damages to the amount of 650 million Euro, through large hail, heavy rain, damaging gusts of wind (up to 150 km/h) and 113708 lightning strikes.

29.07.2014 Feature in "Apócrifa Magazine"

Feature with five double pages in issue 22 (Arquitectura de la Ciudad) of Apócrifa Art Magazine.

Apócrifa is a contemporary art magazine published in Mexico since May 2007. The digital publication exposed from its native environment, the Internet, thematic editions that explore aesthetic paths of art.

30.06.2014 Exhibition on "Hauser Online"

The exhibition "Aerialscapes" is now online, from June 30th till August 17th 2014 on René Hauser's online art gallery Hauser + Hauser. The "Aerialscapes" collection on Hauser Online is a cross section through aight of my personal aerial projects.

All photographs in this exhibition are available as signed edition fine art prints. For inquiries, orders or assistance, please contact Hauser Online.

15.05.2014 New series "Aerialscapes #2"

My new personal project "Aerialscapes #2" shows a collection of 35 various aerial-photographs. The images in this project are sweeping landscapes of various locations around the world, showing formations that are both manmade and natural. I've photographed all this images in the past 5 years on my flights to photo assistant jobs and my own assignments in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, North America and South America.

12.04.2014 "Container" update

I've just updated one of my favorite series "Container", with ten new industrial photographs. They show the process of loading Emma Maersk in Rotterdam, leaving port, and making the journey to Felixstowe, about 100 miles across the English Channel.

In may 2010 I had the fortune to see one of the ocean giants up close, as guest of one of the biggest container ships in the world, the Emma Mearsk. A really impressive journey...

10.03.2014 Feature in "Lonely Planet Traveller"

Portfolio feature and interview about my "Above Gobi" project in the current issue of Lonely Planet Traveller.

Lonely Planet Traveller is an monthly editorial print publication about travel and lifestyle. Lonely Planet is the world's most successful travel publisher, printing over 100 million books.

13.02.2014 Cover feature on "STUDIO Magazine"

Cover feature on issue #05 of STUDIO Magazine, displaying one of my favorite Dubai shots out of my "Middle East" series.

STUDIO is a print magazine about the contemporary urban condition, a seasonal independent architecture journal based in Milan, Italy. It's a travelling sharing of theories and critics, experiences and proposals, bound for save ideas for city from the city itself.

08.01.2014 New series "Sandscapes"

My new series "Sandscapes" shows a selection of 18 abstract landscape photographs, taken in mid-Oktober 2013 at North Sea beaches around Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

06.12.2013 Represented by RENE HAUSER

I'm happy to announce my collaboration with RENE HAUSER (www.renehauser.com), a well experienced photographers agent and gallery owner (www.hausergallery.ch), based in Zurich, Switzerland.

RENE HAUSER offers also a full service production comprised of casting, location scouting, and producers experienced in all aspects of print production for all of his photographers.

18.11.2013 New series "Europoort"

I've finally added my new nightscape series "Europoort" to my website. A peronal project of 17 industrial, long time exposure photographs taken at night in the Netherlands. Europoort is an area of the Port of Rotterdam, Europe's biggest port and the third-largest in the world.

23.10.2013 New series "Above the Ruhr"

My new personal project "Above the Ruhr" shows a collection of 35 aerial photographs from the Ruhr district, Germany's biggest urban and industrial area. The Ruhr is the fifth largest urban area in Europe, inhabited by some eight and a half million people. For 2010, the Ruhr region was one of the European Capitals of Culture.

All photographs were taken in July 2013 on a gas-ballon flight from Gladbeck to Anrath, Germany.

26.09.2013 "Thunderstorms" update

I've just published the re-edit of my personal long time project "Thunderstorms", with five new images from this storm season.

A series of 25 powerful thunderstorm photographs, taken over years at the same place in Düsseldorf, Germany.

09.08.2013 New series "Shanghai"

Today I've published my new series "Shanghai", it shows 40 unique Shanghai cityscapes at night. In January 2013 I had the fortune to have a break between two jobs located in Shanghai, perfect conditions to get an sustainable impression of this fascinating city and take the photographs for my new personal project. I hope you'll enjoy...

15.07.2013 Feature in "Digital Photographer"

Feature with a double page, displaying one of my New York "Urban Zoom" photographs and short interview, in the current issue of Digital Photographer.

Digital Photographer is a United Kingdom based and internationally published print magazine for photographers.

01.07.2013 Feature in "Rooms_Art Uncovered Magazine"

I've just received issue #09 of Rooms_Art Uncovered Magazine, including a double page displaying one of my Shanghai "Urban Zoom" photographs.

Rooms_Art Uncovered Magazine is a London based, international print and online art publication. A magazine for and with the people who believe in a creative identity, take risks, and enjoy the process; unconventional and hungry.

24.06.2013 "Urban Zoom" update

Five new abstract photographs from Shanghai and Dubai for my personal longtime project "Urban Zoom", on which I'm working since 2005.

Signed and limited edition prints are still available.

24.05.2013 Website update

I've updated my website with new functions like thumbnails, captions and a counter for a better review of my portfolio. Furthermore I increased the usability with an easier navigation via click on image to navigate to the next or previous one, the arrow keys are also usable from now. Another novelty is the front page, were you see one of my 50 favorites, selected with a random generator.

15.04.2013 "Nightscapes" update

New long time exposure photographs from Shanghai, New York and Chicago in one of my favorite series "Nightscapes".

Fine art prints in signed and limited editions are still available.

29.03.2013 Feature in "Utopia" Book

Today I received the new Cartiere del Garda's concept-book "Utopia", including a double page displaying my Shanghai Nightscape. Utopia is the last chapter of "A better project", an editorial project conceived by Imille. A book collecting visual inspirations and considerations about Utopia applied to six different social contexts: ecology, art, architecture, politics, religion and science.

27.02.2013 New series "Above Gobi"

I've a new series online called "Above Gobi". All photographs were created on the flight from Shanghai to London in January 2013. "Above Gobi" shows the unique winter landscape of the Gobi territory from above. The Gobi is Asia's largest desert region which covers parts of northwestern China and southern Mongolia.

26.01.2013 New series "Caribbean Sea"

My new series "Caribbean Sea" shows a collection of 18 various aerial photographs. 

I've photographed this new personal project in November 2012, on the flight from Houston to Bogotá above the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

20.12.2012 "Urban Zoom" update

I've updated my "Urban Zoom" series with new abstract photographs from New York and Doha.

Signed and limited edition prints are still available.

12.11.2012 New series "Middle East"

Through my work as an photo assistant, I sometimes got the chance to visit thrilling places. In October 2011 I had the fortune to travel to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha. With very little time (just one night per city) I photographed my new personal project "Middle East".

"Middle East" shows a selection of 16 graphical cityscapes at night.

04.10.2012 Finalist at "SCREENings award"

I am selected as one of the 20 Finalists for the "SCREENings award 2012" by GoSee.

The 20 finalists will be exhibited at the UPdate Salon for Photography on 26th October in Berlin (Ritz Carlton, Potsadamer Platz). The SCREENings - Internet goes Print photography competition hits round six. 2012 marks another year for professional photographers of all genres to show their online portfolios for a free viewing by a top-class judging panel from the art buying, editorial and art industries.

19.09.2012 Feature in "La Revista y Más"

Feature with two double pages in the current issue of La Revista y Más.

La Revista y Más is an monthly editorial print publication about lifestyle, music and art based in Mexico City.

20.08.2012 Feature in "JETGALA"

Three double pages portfolio feature and interview in the current issue of the singapore based premium onboard magazine JETGALA.

JETGALA is a bi-monthly ultra luxury consumer print publication, catering to the lifestyle of Asia Pacific's absolute top earners. It is posted directly to private aircraft owners, members of the Forbes billionaire lists and to the premier lounges of Asia's leading airlines.

10.08.2012 Feature in "Egoista Magazine issue 49"

Today I received the current issue of Egoista, including four double pages displaying my "New York" series.

Egoísta is unique in the Portuguese print and publishing market and contains regularcontributions from some of the great names in photography, journalism, arts and literature in Portugal. For the last years Egoísta was internationally and national awarded more than 40 times.

28.07.2012 New series "Aerialscapes"

My new series "Aerialscapes" shows a collection of 28 various aerial-shots from all over the world.
All photographs in this series were created between 2011 and 2012 above the USA, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Italy, Switzerland, Ecuador, Philippines, Mongolia and the North Pacific Ocean.

17.07.2012 "Nightscapes" update

I've updated my "Nightscapes" series with new long time exposure photographs from Duesseldorf, Calabria, Cape Town and New York.

18.06.2012 New series "Container"

Through my work as a photo assistant, I got sometimes the chance to visit places that are refused to outsiders. In may 2010 I had the fortune to see one of the ocean giants up close. We traveled from Rotterdam to Felixstowe as guests of one of the biggest container ships in the world, the Emma Mearsk. A really impressive journey. See my new series "Container" here.

07.05.2012 "Thunderstorms" update

Waiting is over, the storm season has finally started again in Germany! The first big storm here in Düsseldorf brought me some impressive shots of black clouds and thunderbolts. So I just published the re-edit of my "Thunderstorms" portfolio.

14.04.2012 Feature in "Revista NOW Magazine #15"

Feature with three double pages in the current issue of Revista NOW Magazine. Revista NOW is an culture, music and art magazine based in Venezuela.

20.03.2012 New series "Winterscapes"

My new series "Winterscapes" shows Greenlands and North American winter landscapes, with all his various abstract structures from the air.
All photographs were created in January 2012 and are available as signed and limited edition prints.

11.03.2012 New series "Madeiran Woods"

I've updated my online portfolio with a new series called "Madeiran Woods". All photographs were created in the unique forests of Madeira in January 2011.

Madeira is a Portuguese Island, of volcanic origin, that lies in the north Atlantic Ocean. In the south, there is very little left of the indigenous laurisilva subtropical rainforest which is part of the World Heritage Natural Site by UNESCO.

14.02.2012 "Issue 15" CarneMag Visual Arts Magazine

Once again I got a five double pages feature in one of my favourite Art Magazines, CarneMag.

CarneMag® is an independent digital magazine destined to promote contemporary art & design. The content is based on a selection of artists, illustrators, photographers and designers of all around the world. An art platform, where new and renowned talents from any art dicipline, meet and converse with each other.

23.01.2012 "Urban Zoom" update

I've updated my "Urban Zoom" series with new abstract photographs from Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Phoenix and New York.

07.01.2012 "Sustainability Issue" L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui

Today I received the current issue of L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui, including four double pages displaying my Nightscapes. It is a very interesting article about negaWatt Association, renewable energies and forecasting in energy change.

L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui is the oldest French architecture magazine. It was created during the economic crisis, in November 1930, by the architect, sculptor, painter and publisher André BLOC.

01.01.2012 Feature in "Digital Photographer"

First of all, Happy New Year and all the best for 2012!

Feature and interview about me and my work in the english photomagazine Digital Photographer.

10.12.2011 "Nightscapes" update

I´ve updated one of my favorite series "Nightscapes", with new photographs from New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dubai and Shanghai.

03.11.2011 Feature in "EYES ON Magazine, Issue I"

Three double pages feature in Shanghai based culture and art magazine "EYES ON".

13.10.2011 New series "Thunderstorms"

Finally I finished my "Thunderstorms" series. All Photographs are taken during summer 2011 in Duesseldorf.

12.09.2011 New series "Madeiran Weather"

I have a new series online. It's called "Madeiran Weather" and shows always the same section of a coastal area in front of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean. All photos in this series I made ​​in January 2011, the weather changed rapidly, a true spectacle of nature.

20.08.2011 New series "Above Arizona"

My new series "Above Arizona" shows Arizona's spectacular landscape from a bird's eye perspective.
All photographs in this series were created in May 2011.

04.07.2011 "Open Skies Magazine" by Emirates

New publishment with five double pages from my South African Nightscapes in Open Skies Magazin "Africa Issue".

Open Skies is the monthly magazine for Emirates. Each issue they bring together writers, photographers and artists to create the world's best onboard magazine. They believe in print, in long-form journalism and in outstanding photography. With over 2.3 million passengers a month flying on Emirates, they are a truly global magazine, read by a global audience.

02.06.2011 New series "Jamshedpur"

The series "Jamshedpur" shows a collection of 14 various cityscapes of Jamshedpur, photographed at night.
Jamshedpur is the first planned industrial city of India and is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Situated almost at the center of the city is Tata Steel, the largest and oldest iron and steel producing plant in India.